Best for Development or a Simple app with a Single Developer

  • Access All Metrics and Graphs
  • 24 Hours Data Retention
  • a
  • a
  • a
  • Free Forever

Best for a Production app with a Smaller Team

  • Access All Metrics and Graphs
  • 2 Weeks Data Retention
  • Share App upto 5 collaborators
  • Multi Host Support
  • a
  • $9.99 Per Month/Host

Best for a Complex Production App with a Large Team

  • Access All Metrics and Graphs
  • Unlimited Data Retention
  • Share App with Unlimited collaborators
  • Multi Host Support
  • a
  • $99 Per Month/Host

Common Questions

How our pricing model works?

We charge you monthly, based on your usage for each host. You assign a plan for apps created with Kadira, but not for your whole account. See this example:

Can I change plans?

Of course you can change plans. We calculate your bill based on the number of minutes you've spent using Kadira, so you can change plans whenever you like. Most importantly, you’ll be billed only when you use Kadira.

What is sharing?

With our sharing feature, you can simply allow other members in your team to use Kadira Dashboard to monitor and optimize your app. You can change the ownership to another user as well.

What is multi host support?

With multi host support, you can analyze metrics by each of your hosts. This will be useful to understand how each of your server instances are performing. This is also a way to visualize the load distribution by your load balancer.

What is Data Retention?

Data Rentention indicates the period of time we keep your application data with us. With a free plan you only can analyze 24 hours of data.

But with the StartUp plan, you can analyze two weeks of data, so you won't miss anything suspicious in your app. You can also compare the performance throughout a two week period.

Do you have any questions? Please ask!
We are happy to help you out.