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Stay alert with your Meteor app

By arunoda . - July 08, 2014

Even if you have built the perfect Meteor app, things might go wrong in production. You may encounter unexpected performance issues and errors.

Kadira is a great tool for finding such issues in your app, but you need to be logged in to Kadira to check. That’s not ideal.

So, today we are introducing Kadira Alerts. It sends you a notification when something strange happens with your app. You can get alerts for almost every metric available in Kadira.

Kadira Alerts

We do support email and webhooks as actions. You can also integrate Kadira Alerts with zapier and get notification into your phone and trigger many other services, including your Google Glass :)

It’s super easy to create an alert. See:

This is how you can set up an SMS alert with zapier:

Hope you’ll find Kadira Alerts useful and stay alert with your app.

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