Kadira APM - Getting Started

Kadira APM (Application Performance Monitoring) helps you to see what's happening inside your production app in real time. It can

  • Monitor various Meteor related performance metrics
  • Track traces of individual Meteor publications and methods
  • Monitor system performance
  • Profile NodeJS CPU usage (remotely and locally)
  • Get notifications via Kadira's alert system

Kadira APM UI

Adding Kadira APM to your app is easy.

  • First add meteorhacks:kadira into your app: meteor add meteorhacks:kadira
  • Then, create an account at Kadira: https://ui.kadira.io
  • Next, create an app on the and follow the instructions

Once you've connected your app, you'll be able to see what's going on inside your app. Use Kadira Academy resources to optimize your app based on what Kadira APM shows you.