Understand Meteor and Learn How to Optimize It

Performance management is an art. Tools will help you up to a point, but your team plays a crucial role in that process.

  • First, they need to have a better understanding of Meteor and how it works behind the scenes.
  • Next, they need to apply the right solution at the right time.
  • Finally, your team should have the competence to identify performance issues and figure out the best solution.

We can help you to gather this knowledge with Kadira Academy.

BulletProof Meteor

BulletProof Meteor is one of the best places to learn about Meteor and its best practices. It's an interactive course where users get points as they compete. It will help you make your app faster and more efficient.

We created BulletProof Meteor with the experience we gained from building Kadira and helping other developers in the community. More than 10,000 developers around the world used BulletProof Meteor to build high quality Meteor apps.

Try it now: https://bulletproofmeteor.com/

Kadira Academy Guide

The Guide is a collection of articles that show you how to use Kadira's performance monitoring tools. It starts from very basics and dives into deeper concepts like CPU profiling.

Try it now: https://kadira.io/academy/