Kadira - Performance Management Platform for Meteor

Kadira Platform helps your team to improve the performance of your app at any stage in its life cycle.

Here's Kadira Platform at a glance:

Kadira Platform

We believe that performance oriented development leads to better products.

If you do it correctly from the beginning, you won't need to face difficult moments at the end, costing a lot of money and resources.

Kadira Debug

Understand what's happening inside the Meteor app while developing it.

Kadira Debug

Kadira APM

See what's happening inside the production app in real time.

Kadira APM

Kadira Error Manager

Discover errors before your users. Kadira can detect both client and server errors.

Kadira Error Manager

Kadira Academy

Understand Meteor and learn how to optimize it.

Kadira Academy

Upcoming Products

Kadira Remote Debug

With Kadira Remote Debugging, you'll be able to debug production Meteor apps in an end-to-end fashion. For example, suppose one of your customers complains that accessing your app is too slow.

You can start a Kadira Debug session for that customer to see what's really happening and discover the root cause. Your customer does not need to install anything: it works with any browser or Cordova app.

Kadira Real User Monitoring (RUM)

You can see how your users are using your app across the globe. You can see how much time it takes to load your app and identify slow methods and subscriptions. If you need to inspect those slow clients, you can simply start a Kadira Remote Debugging session and see what's actually going on.

Kadira Optimize

This is the most important product of the Kadira Platform. We track a lot of things and you are using information provided by Kadira to optimize your app. Basically, you find problems in your app and apply fixes based on that information.

What if we could tell you where a problem lies and what the solution is?
That's exactly what Kadira Optimize does.

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