He will monitor your app for performance and security issues, 24/7.

He will help you to optimize your app.

What Does Kadira Genie Do?

He will monitor your app for performance and security issues, 24/7

He will find issues in your app and suggest what to do. He can even figure out potential issues before they become real.

Here are a few things Kadira Genie does:

  • Investigate sudden response time & CPU spikes.
  • Help you to optimize slowest methods and publications.
  • Identify CPU intensive publications and help you to optimize them.
  • Discover memory leaks and help you to fix them.
  • Help you to load test your app.
  • Analyze errors in your app and help you to fix them.
  • Find out real user latency issues and help you to fix them.
  • Audit your app for common security issues & help you to fix them.

This is just a few of the various tasks Kadira Genie does.

Most importantly, Kadira Genie will takes care of the performance.
So, you can focus on building your awesome product.

How does Kadira Genie work?

Kadira Genie is backed by a group of human experts and a set of automated tools, which use every metric, trace, and CPU and memory profiles collected from your app. Based on these, the tools will understand and detect issues.

Then our human experts will verify those issues and find solutions with the help of the tools.

Awesome. How can I get Kadira Genie?

Simple. Kadira Genie is available for everyone who uses a paid Kadira plan. We have a very simple pricing plan:

It’s $990 per month/ per app

Contact us to Get Started.

Oh! That's costly.

Hmm. Kadira Genie is an expert who knows how to optimize your app. He has years of experience building Meteor apps and helping Meteor developers at Kadira.
He will look after your app every day and he never sleeps.

All of these benefits come for just a fraction of your monthly development cost.

What would happen if you had an issue? How much engineering effort would it take to find and fix it. With Kadira Genie, you won't need to waste those precious resources.

Actually, Kadira Genie will help your fix issues before they became real.
He’ll let you reduce your growing maintenance budget.

Contact us to get started.
(We have a limited slots available during the private beta period.)